fredag den 12. december 2008

Hurray For Librarary Mascots!

I won the Library Mascot competition today. Though they where not quite happy with the color and so they asked me to make some different suggestions. Which one will be the final one, I will find tomorrow where I am attending the revealing at Silkeborg Library, where he said there will be champagne for me :)... Furthermore Børge Buggar is also being made into T-shirts and stuffed animals and the Library folks are talking to my school to get him animated, great and different day... oh year, today is the first day in my Christmas break!

tirsdag den 25. november 2008

Munin in Odins Sanctuary

Africa Paintings

Here is two paintings I made for a friend. He had asked me, if I would do some for his new house and these are what I came up with!

A Thopson Gazelle and a Cheetar hunting it.

Thompson Gazelle


Room Decoration 2

Here is another painting I did in a childrens room

Room decorration

A picture i painted in a childrens room last spring!

søndag den 23. november 2008

Library contest 3

Just a quick scenario of what she could spend her free time on!

Just a quick sce

Library contest 2

My second mascot, I wanted to be an adventures young girl. Her clothes are dirty and her jewelery is from an indian tribe she has visited. I wanted her to be a mix of Indiana Jones and Laura Croft. Her little sidekick is a chinese sea otter... why? because I saw a program about one this morning, and wanted to draw one :)

Library contest

Some character poses for Børge Buggar.

Library Mascots

A Library in a nearby town is having a competition where you can win af lot of money for a nice mascot design. The mascot is targeted for the ages between 8 and 12.

My first idea was the guy above.
The Idea behind Børge buggar, as he is called, is that he is the guy who fills library books with those nasty buggers.

fredag den 24. oktober 2008

This is a poster I mande for my animation school's annual halloween party. The theme for the party is horrormovies, so I made the poster look like a burning piece of film.

onsdag den 22. oktober 2008

Epic Battle Theme

I Only had two hours to spare this week, so I grabbed my Acrylics and quickly made this piece.

mandag den 8. september 2008

Our newest assignment, Zombie Cheerleaders.

søndag den 8. juni 2008

Clean up

The blue

This is an assignment, my friends and I gave ourselves, we had to draw something to do with martial arts. I did a lot of thumpnailes, which you can see some of here. But I thought I would be funny to see martial arts from another point of view, for ex. a ninjas horse.