torsdag den 29. oktober 2009

I did a lot of work for our first intro. The idea was to tell the backgrund story through viking styled woodcuts! The ideea has been scrapped, but I would still like to show some of my work.

torsdag den 17. september 2009

colour...not my strongest side :)


I have reached the third year of my animation education, the Bachelor film year. A hole year dedicated to making a film (well except for 3 weeks during this Christmas where we are going to animate on the Danish Films School animation directors projects). I am part of the team of 9 people that are making a viking story so far called BÎORN (meaning Bear). It is a project I am very happy for, and I will try to remember to post some of my stuff stuff on my blog.

Our story is very short about an old viking called Biorn. He wants to go to Valhalla before he dies of old age and the only way a viking can get to Valhalla is to die in worthy combat. So Biorn takes his sword and leaves home. In our story he will walk by churches, showing Chrsitianity is comming and he will fight a lot of opponents. But the fights becomes wierder and wierder, people seems to die before Biorn can get into battle and after a year he gives up. On the way home he sees a monestary being wrecked by a giant and he launches into battle. And epic fight is takes place. and the rest is a secret for know ;)... all this is subject to change of course, because we are still in an early fase.

Right know we are in preproduction, so I will start with a lot of sketches and concepts. Enjoy

søndag den 19. april 2009

Two years ago I started at the Animation Workshop in Viborg Denmark. The first year was only good old fashioned 2D animation. Here is a one of my 2D animations. I will put some more of them on the blog later.
I am at the end of my first year with 3D animation and here are some of the best of my 3D stuff. All of it, is made in Maya. Hope you like it :)

tirsdag den 10. februar 2009

I was contacted by a guy who once saw me drawing some trolls, and he wanted something similar for a logo to a game club he is starting. So this is what I came up with.

mandag den 9. februar 2009


A picture I drew of a good old dog named Rocky!

fredag den 23. januar 2009

A birthsday gift I made for one of my friends!

In the same Fast painting style as the chicken pictures, I painted these ravens for my self.

Some quick paintings I did for one of my moms coworkers. Her coworker had bought some canvases and asked if I would paint some hens for her.